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Rachel Nusret, Moonshadow Healing Chicago, Reiki, Reiki Classes, Group Workshops


Ever since a life-threatening case of Pneumonia put her in the hospital at eight years old, Rachel has been a strong advocate of Holistic Healing, and a lifetime believer that every symptom or sign of dis-ease has an underlying "Root" cause..that we are NOT victims of circumstance, rather,  we are creators of our own reality.


Being an extremely sensitive child (both physically AND emotionally), she did not 'do well' with the Allopathic Western system of medicine...weeks of being ill meant countless needles being poked in her arms, a high turnover of different nurses and doctors coming in and out of her hospital room at all hours of the day and night, yucky hospital food, being hooked up to scary machines, being administered medicines that made her feel very sick...bringing on 'new' symptoms that then needed to be treated with 'new' medicines...... Luckily, Rachel did recover from the pneumonia, but the trauma of her illness left lasting effects on her views of the Western Medical System, and how our society defines 'Wellness.'


This pivotal moment in her life planted the seed for Rachel and forever shifted the way she saw illness. Treat the Root, Not just the Symptom, became her motto.


After years of soaking up all the knowledge she could get her hands on, through books, classes, and workshops, Rachel became quite the little connoisseur ( and sometimes, the expert!)  on all things  'Holistic ' - Herbs, Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Bach Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Reflexology....nothing was 'off limits', and everyday, her  mind was opened to new information and possibilities. Looking back, she was a little 'ahead of her time :)... and she often felt mocked or misunderstood by family or friends who 'didn't get' her views on Natural Healing. Little did she know that a day would come in the near future  ( Hello, 2020!) where many of these same people (amongst millions of others) would begin to embrace the modalities that Rachel had incorporated into her life for years...that many forms of Alternative Medicine would become widely accepted in the West, including Rachels' most beloved healing modality of all - Reiki.

Amidst the shutdowns that were occuring  during the pandemic, while many businesses  forever closed their doors due to financial hardship, Rachel received a Divine message one cold December evening in 2020, that told her it was time to act on her lifelong dream of being a business owner, and to look for a space to open her Healing Studio. Having no money in the bank and being over $10K in credit card debt, this idea initially seemed impossible. People close to Rachel expressed their concerns, and while well meaning, Rachel's mind was made up. Now was the time to take the leap of Faith - people were going to need healing more than ever  after what had been happening in our World, and lots of it. That evening, she found a storefront for rent on Craigslist in Villa Park, and that very next morning, she hopped in her car, took the snowy drive  from the city to DuPage County, fell in love and signed the lease on the spot. She didn't know how she was going to do it, but she knew with all her heart that a Higher Power was working through her to be of Service to Others.

So with unwavering faith, Moonshadow Healing opened its doors  in January of 2021. 

While its primary healing modality is Reiki, Moonshadow Healing is ever changing and growing,  adding new offerings and coming up with fun classes and workshops that expand consciousness and help us better understand ourselves and each other. Rachel finds a way to incorporate some of her favorite healing arts into every session. Treat the Root, not just the symptom. Above all else, her primary intention is to support people in remembering their Power and Sovereignty by becoming their own biggest advocate, and to foster a space full of Love and Connection, which is what so many of us longed for after the isolation and division created by the pandemic. A place where you would be welcomed with open arms, no matter your personal beliefs, your religious affiliation,  your political party, your gender...we love and embrace everyone, and believe that Unconditional Love is the catalyst for healing the body, mind, and spirit.


(Owner of Moonshadow Healing, Reiki Master/Teacher)

Edith Arias, Moonshadow Healing Chicago, Reiki , Reiki Classes, Chicago

(Reiki Master, Past Life Regression Facilitator)

Edith is a certified Reiki practitioner since 2014. She learned Reiki after experiencing a profound session. What she sensed and felt during the session impacted her so much that she sought out to learn it to help others. Reiki helped her reduce the anxiety and emotional pain she was having from a traumatic experience, she knows first hand that it works. She has provided Reiki not only to family and friends but has volunteered to provide Reiki for hospice and cancer patients.

Edith is completing a certification with Healing Touch, another beautiful modality of energy medicine. She is currently a level 4 apprentice. She volunteers at Alexian Brothers Cancer center in Elk Grove, where energy is provided to those undergoing chemo and other cancer treatments.

Edith had a wonderful past life regression and decided to learn regression hypnosis. She became certified as a clinical Hypnotist in 2017. She incorporates hypnosis and energy work to help with the healing process. She knows that alternative modalities are a safe way to heal the mind, body and spirit.

Jenna Lennon - Dorn, Moonshadow Healing, Chicago, Reiki, Reiki Classes, Group Workshops

(Reiki Master/Shamanic Healer, Akashic Records Reader)

Jenna is a nurse, health coach, energy worker and retreat facilitator. She is full of joy for the transformative healing potential we all possess and would love to share this with you however it may be of service to your journey.
She woke up to her psychic abilities when she was 18 after some traumatic losses. She began wondering how she might ever make enough sense of her life to move forward with the horrible pain in her heart. Taking a walk one day and reflecting on this, her inner vision opened to tall sparkling white shelves stretching as far as she could see. Her guides informed her that she was in the Akashic records, which contain the blueprint for every soul’s evolution. Heartened, she learned more and began sharing with others. As she began to heal, she saw her challenges from new perspectives and this pushed her to have even more passion and curiosity for the process. She fell in love with her healing and studied it from the inside out as it held the deepest sacred essence of the universe, expressed through her human body.

Desiring to be of greater service, she obtained her yoga teacher certification in 2012, her reiki 1, 2, and master certification in 2018 and her nursing degree from Loyola University in 2016. From 2019 onward, she apprenticed with shamans from Peru and the US, which was crazy and awesome and a story for another day! She loves co-facilitating retreat gatherings that contain the best elements of what she has learned from her own seeking experiences and takes enormous joy when participants have left saying they’ve never felt so much love ever in their whole lives.

She works as a nurse, holistic health consultant and intuitive guide. She provides 1:1 energy healing sessions, holistic health coaching, Akashic record soul readings and workshops.

Jenna lives in Chicago and enjoys salsa dancing and wandering around with people she loves, puzzling over world issues, and vegan baking at 1 am.

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