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Sunday, February 26th,  2023 12-2pm, $35

*NOW FULL - email Rachel to be put on a wait list*

(Taking Back Your Power in Narcissistic Dynamics)

Sunday, March 26th,  2023 12-2pm, $35
*10 spots - click link to sign up*


Moonshadow Healing hosts monthly Group workshops  that will expand your consciousness and help  support you along your journey.  While our themes change month to month, all workshops center around growing our Self-Awareness, Reclaiming our Power, and Becoming the Sovereign Beings we were born to be.

These groups are a beautiful opportunity to  speak your truth while connecting with authentic, like minded souls who are local to the DuPage County area.

Past themes have included..
-Energetic Protection/Grounding Techniques
-Awaken Your Psychic Abilities
-Manifest your Dream Reality
-Boundaries Bootcamp
-Becoming an Empowered Empath
-How to Navigate a Spiritual Awakening 
-Aromatherapy 101
-Chakras 101
-Raise your Vibration
-Healing the Divine Feminine



February Group Workshop:

Reconnect with your heart space.
Sunday, February 26th  12-2pm, $35

*SOLD OUT -email Rachel to be put on a waitlist*



Our consciousness is made up of both masculine and feminine energies, which is not to be confused with gender. We all have a mix of masculine & feminine energies that lives with us, while one energy is usually dominant. You can be a gendered female with predominantly Masculine energy, or a gendered male with predominantly Feminine energy. The two exist independent of one another, but the energies work together in harmony.


Many Feminine traits that were at one time honored and revered have been repressed throughout different societies, as patriarchal systems have moved in and replaced the traditional Feminine roots of many cultures. Beautiful divine gifts such as Intuition, Nurturing, Receptiveness, Playfulness, and Community have been pushed out and replaced with the Go-Go-Go, Action Oriented, Forceful energies of the Wounded Masculine. Many souls are awakening to the sacred wisdom of the Feminine that has been lost over time, and are being called to return home to their Feminine essence.


This workshop will be held in a Ceremonial setting ( a little different from our usual casual workshops) with the intention of leaning in to our Divine Feminine Energy, and reclaiming what has always been ours. This will be a Sacred Space full of open hearts, vulnerability, and connection - all traits of the Divine Feminine. 


If you feel like adorning yourself in an outfit that expresses your Divine Feminine Essence....even better :)


Some topics covered include:

-What is the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine?

-History of Divine Feminine Energy

-Traits of the Wounded Feminine/Masculine

-How did we get here? Society's role in erasing the Divine Feminine

-the balancing act of Feminine/Masculine energies

-Tantra - using your senses to align with the Divine Feminine

-How to intentionally tune in to your Divine Feminine everyday

-How to exude Feminine Energy to call in your Divine Masculine


We will also hold a small Rose ceremony to tune into and channel our Feminine Wisdom. There will be plenty of time for Group Discussion. This will be a beautiful sacred space for the Divine Feminine to connect and support one another in a community setting.


Coffee & Tea will be served - feel free to bring a treat that is beautiful to the senses for all of the Goddesses to enjoy! There is a 12 guest maximum for this workshop. Sign up soon - this workshop will sell out.

March Group Workshop:

Taking Back Your Power in Narcissistic Relationship Dynamics
Sunday, March 26th  12-2pm, $35
*12 spots

The Empath/Narcissist Dynamic has gained much attention these past few years. All it takes is a scrolling of your social media feed, or a visit over to YouTube and you will inevitably come across content focusing on this subject. I come up for the themes of my workshops based on repetitive topics that arise with my clients - and although I had some resistance around this one ( lol!), it is clear that this is an energy dynamic that is worthy of a group discussion.


Many souls are awakening to the realization that they have been Empaths their entire lives, picking up on the needs, thoughts, and emotions of those around them. While this is a beautiful gift, an 'unawakened' Empath is pulled like a magnet to someone who is a Narcissist - they are able to feel your soul mission to be of service to others and to uplift those around you, even if it is to your own detriment and self-sacrifice. Remember - everything is energy. This information is all sent out via a subconscious energetic signal that both people involved are emitting and responding to. The over-giving unawakened Empath is naive to the reality that these wounded souls literally need your energy to feed off of - like a parasite, they suck the life force out of you and leave you mentally, emotionally, and physically depleted. Narcissists come in all shapes and forms - men and women, young and old, romantic partners, friends co-workers, neighbors, and unfortunately, but all too common, your own family members.


My goal in this workshop is to help you shift your perception of the 'Narcissists" in your life - from being less of a 'villian' they are often portrayed as, to more or a blessing that has been sent to you as a Divine gift to wake you up out of your deep slumber. Who better to shine light on all of the ways you have betrayed yourself than a Narcissist? Sometimes, our greatest gift comes disguised as our greatest curse.


In this workshop, we will cover:


-How to recognize that someone in your life is a Narcissist. There are many textbook characteristics that will help you identify 'red flags' in the future.

-The importance of developing Discernment.

-The energetic similarities of Empaths + Narcissists.

-How to handle interacting with a Narcissist

-Your role and personal responsibility in how you helped attract this dynamic.

-How to STOP being a vibrational match to Narcissistic people

-Practicing boundaries.

-How to stop abandoning yourself through Self-Love

-Group discussion/sharing personal experiences.


Coffee & Tea will be served - feel free to bring a treat for the group to enjoy. There is a 12 guest maximum for this workshop. Come hang with your Moonshadow buds-

Sign up soon! - This workshop will sell out.

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