Moonshadow Healing hosts monthly Group workshops  that will expand your consciousness and help  support you along your journey.  While our themes change month to month, all workshops center around growing our Self-Awareness, Reclaiming our Power, and Becoming the Sovereign Beings we were born to be.

These groups are a beautiful opportunity to  speak your truth while connecting with authentic, like minded souls who are local to the DuPage County area.

Past themes have included..
-Energetic Protection/Grounding Techniques
-Awaken Your Psychic Abilities
-Manifest your Dream Reality
-Boundaries Bootcamp
-Becoming an Empowered Empath
-How to Navigate a Spiritual Awakening 
-Aromatherapy 101
-Chakras 101
-Raise your Vibration
-Healing the Divine Feminine



Sunday, October 30th, 12-2pm, $35


A boundary is an invisible layer that forms like a bubble around us, signifying where we BEGIN and where we END in relation to something or someone OUTSIDE of us. Boundaries have become something of a 'buzz word' in the past few years, for although they have always existed, it hasnt been until recently that practices such as mindfulness and developing 'self-awareness' have hit the collective consciousness. Many people are in the process of awakening to who they 'truly are,' and part of this process involves shedding old layers that are no longer in integrity with ones soul and Authenticity. To become self-actualized requires 'witnessing' our beliefs and patterns...Upon awakening, many of us realize that we have had people- pleasing tendencies our entire lives,  done in an attempt to either 'keep the peace' or to gain love and approval. In the process, we have grown resentful for betraying our own needs and desires time and time again.


This is where implementing boundaries comes in.

Its time to reclaim our POWER!!!



A few of the talking points + exercises at this workshop will include-



-A definition of Boundaries

-The different types of Boundaries

( Energetic, Time, Physical, Financal, Dietary, Sexual, Material, Emotional, Spiritual) 

-How our upbringing influences our awareness ( or lack therof) of Boundaries

-Signs that you are lacking Boundaries

-Getting to the root cause of why you lack Boundaries

-How lack of Boundaries affects Empaths

-How to set a Boundary

(with your partner, kids, friends, family members, co-workes, neighbors, etc)

-Healthy vs Unhealthy Boundaries

-How to Tell a Boundary has Been Crossed

-Respecting other peoples Boundaries

-Speaking your Truth, Stepping into your Authenticity

-Being prepared for the side effects of setting Boundaries

-Printouts/additional resources for you to take home with you

...LOTS of time for group discussion


We take great pride in the safe, no-judgement, loving environment we have created here at Moonshadow Healing.


All are welcome <3 (We have space for 10 guests)


*Coffee, Tea and Snacks will be served. Feel free to bring a snack to share with the group.


SIGN UP SOON! Due to the small class sizes, our workshops have been filling up within a couple of days after announcing.


Come spend a high vibe afternoon with your friends at Moonshadow Healing <3