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Is your little one highly sensitive? Do you get the sense they are 'in tune' with things that their peers seem oblivious to? Many children currently roaming the planet are actually Little Lightworkers, sent here from the other side to spread Love and Light during this monumental time in history. These litttle Indigos, Starseeds, and Crystal Children are here to raise the vibration of the Earth through their beautiful light - they heal simply by BEING.

Becoming attuned to Reiki will shift their perspective on their sensitivities- instead of seeing them as a hinderance, they will start to see them as SUPER-POWERS :) Once your child is attuned to Reiki, they will carry this gift for life- by planting and nurturing  the seeds when they are young, there will be strong roots that will support them throughout their lifetime journey.

Moonshadow Healing offers Kids Reiki Classes in a one-on- one setting. Flexible weekend  scheduling - Class day/time will be confirmed after booking. Price includes lots of hands on practice, one on one attention from Rachel,  Reiki workbook & certificate of completion. All classes also include a goodie bag + healthy high vibe snacks.
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Everything is taught in a digestable way that is age appropriate.

TOPICS covered in class INCLUDE...

-what is energy?
-how to sense energy
-positive vs negative energy
-energy protection
-grounding techniques
-the 5 clAIR SENSES
-auras + chakras
-reading energy
-using your gifts as super-powers
reiki symbols
-hand positions
-giving yourself a reiki treatment
-giving friends, Family + PETS  a Reiki treatment
...Your child will recieve their reiki level 1 and 2 attunements at the end of class.


Class Date TBD after booking
2 1/2 hours, $175

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