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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

1. Be mindful of the content you are consuming. Whether you are aware of it or not, your subconscious mind is constantly being programmed by the messages you are ingesting through TV, Film, Social Media, and Books.

-Stop watching the news. The news is saturated with the lowest vibration - FEAR. You are unsafe! Do not trust others! Horrible things are happening all the time! These low vibrational messages get drilled into our psyches, and we live our lives subconsciously operating from fear. Notice how the ratio of "positive" to "negative" stories is highly skewed towards the latter. If you want to keep up on current events, ditch the mainstream and seek out independent news sources. These typically deliver messages with a more neutral stance.

-Unfollow any social media accounts that bring up lower vibrational energies when you see their postings. Envy, Judgement, Fear, Guilt, Shame, Greed......these emotions are indicators that the message you are consuming does not align with your higher self. Be mindful to only follow accounts that make you feel uplifted and inspired. There are plenty of people spreading love and positivity through their messages - take the time to seek them out. You are worth it.

-Pay attention to the music you are listening to. Are the lyrics about committing violence? Getting revenge on an ex? Objectifying women? Material things as status symbols? Drinking yourself into a coma? Does the tempo create anxiety within you? Does the overall message convey LIGHT or DARK?? Again, how does it make you FEEL? Low energy is not exclusive to one genre of music, but in general, certain styles of rap and heavy metal/hard rock tend to border on having a lower vibration. Try going "outside of the box" and listening to a new genre of music. Reggae always makes me feel super upbeat. I also love listening to Global music from other cultures - African drumming, Indian dance music....the possibilities are endless. The music you choose to listen to should boost your energy levels, NOT leave you feeling depleted.

-Be mindful of the TV shows/movies you are choosing to watch. Try to avoid anything that stimulates the fear response within you - violence, gruesome horror films, crime shows, etc. There are so many beautiful films + programs that are inspired by love. Seek them out! I have always been a big fan of documentaries and foreign films. Once again, you have a CHOICE in what you are consuming. If your goal is to raise your vibration, you will be left feeling moved + inspired.

-Read articles/books that support personal growth. We have so much extra time on our hands - make that time count! Consume lots of information that deepens your understanding of things you have always wanted to learn about but never had the time. Baking + Gardening + Starting your Online Business + Playing an Instrument + Photography....whatever it is for you, immerse yourself in knowledge. We live in a wealth of information + resources- use it to your advantage!

2. Surround yourself with people and environments that support your happiness and growth. This one can be a tough pill to swallow, as it requires us to detach from a 'victim mentality,' and instead, empower ourselves by taking responsibility of our own lives. We all know people who energetically 'drain' us - pay attention to how people + environments make you FEEL. As with the content you are ingesting, you should leave feeling GOOD about yourself. If not, it may be time to reflect on the relationships you have in your life, and decide whether or not they are worth continuing.

3. Love your body. Eat high vibe, nutrient dense foods. Load up on leafy greens, organic fruits + veggies, seeds, nut butters, + whole grains. Drink alkalized water. Steer away from heavy fried foods, sugar + white starch. This includes fast food! Alcohol is a widely known depressant that lowers your vibration. Your body is your temple. Treat it as such. Let food be thy medicine. Remember, your internal state is what is projected in your external reality. As above, so below. GET MOVING!!!!! Exercise is a natural endorphin booster. Sometimes, we just need a pattern interrupt - if you have been sitting for an extended amount of time and feel sluggish, go out for a thirty minute run. Do 100 jumping jacks. Practice yoga. Stretch your muscles out. Dance to your favorite song. You will experience an energetic boost anytime you move your body.

4. Practice Gratitude. Think of all the things we take for granted every day and give thanks for them. Your home, running water, heat, a cozy bed to sleep in, your friends + family, your children, your job, your car, your legs, your eyes, your health...... When you live in a state of gratitude, the Law of Attraction rewards you with MORE things to be grateful for.

5. Practice forgiveness. Trapped anger + resentment are only hurting YOU. Let go of the past by forgiving those who have hurt you. Many people are confused by this -they believe by forgiving, they are "allowing" the other person to get away with something. This is simply not true. You must learn to become the observer - take note of the harm they caused you, and then, release the pain you have been carrying through forgiveness. Realize that "Hurt people hurt people." By holding a grudge, you are giving away your power. This does not mean you allow people to walk all over you. You learn from your past by setting boundaries. You cannot raise your vibration while holding onto low energies. Forgiveness allows you truly step into your own power.

Love you, XO Rachel

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