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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

There once was a girl who felt things very deeply. She saw MAGIC everywhere she looked. When she was young, she assumed that everyone felt the things she felt, and saw the world the way that she saw it. So she openly and freely expressed herself - through art, through writing, through sprinkling the fairy dust of her beliefs into conversations. She could talk to anybody - the shyest girl in school, the old man on the bus stop...She really liked herself, and was very much in touch with the Light that was shining inside of her. She was confident in who she was, and was happy and excited to wake up each morning and show up in the world as herself.

One day, in her early 20s, she began to realize that many of the people she had called into her reality did NOT like when she did that. She started to grow a complex that people around her saw her as an airhead - new 'friends' didn't find her opinions to be as amusing and insightful as she had always believed. Boyfriends got irritated when she tried to engage in conversations with strangers. They saw her as being less funny and charismatic, and more of an annoyance. Before long, all of that beautiful confidence began to fade away.

As the years went on, she learned that speaking her truth and standing in her Authenticity was upsetting to the people around her.

So just like that - she stopped doing it.

Anytime she didn't agree with what someone else had to say, she nodded her head anyways. Because that is what gained her the approval and acceptance her heart had always longed for...from her friends, her romantic partners, her bosses, & her family members.... Years went on. That playful, curious, courageous open-hearted version of the girl had ceased to exist. The girl had become so numb and disconnected from her truth, that she dissociated from her body. For years, she experienced depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. She felt like her life was one big charade - she went along with the motions of 'enjoying life.. attending concerts, going on trips, throwing celebrations... but deep down, was hyper aware that she felt empty inside.

How did a girl with such a strong sense of Self and such a deep passion for life become a complete shell of herself?

By not standing in her Authenticity and allowing other people's pain and insecurities to manifest as her own.

One day, Divine Intervention stepped in. She experienced a profound knowing deep inside of her, and the knowing said. It was never you. It was THEM.

And just like that, the girl woke up and realized what had happened.

Her Light had attracted many wounded people into her life, who had projected their own fears, their own shame, their own guilt, their own insecurities onto HER. They had made her believe SHE was the problem. Her Light threatened them, for they had not yet connected to their OWN Light within. The Light she mirrored back to them.

Suddenly, she remembered her voice.

And just like that, she began to use it.

At first, her voice was shaky. It had been so long, she forgot how it even sounded.

But the more she used it, the more fearless she became. She used it with her friends. She used it with her family. She used it with strangers on the street. Everytime she used it, she remembered who she was. She said no to things that didn't serve her - she expressed her views openly ( and lovingly!) , even if they went against 'the crowd.' She realized that caring what other people thought of her was the greatest form of self-imprisonment. As time went on, her physical and mental symptoms began to mysteriously dissipate. It happened so subtly, she hardly even noticed the incredible shift that was occuring. She was moving out of the Fear frequency that had unknowingly hijacked her, back into the frequency of Love, which she had always been at her core.

But then, something unexpected happened.

Many of the people in her life started to fall out of her reality. Friends that had been in her life for 20+ years, family by one, they began to disappear. No longer a vibrational match, they had literally 'vibrated 'their way out of her life.

All of the girl's deepest fears were triggered - she felt completely rejected, isolated, and unaccepted by those she loved. She began to doubt herself -had she made the right choice? Would it have been better to just keep her thoughts and beliefs to herself? At least then she wouldn't have felt so alone. But that Divine knowing that was inside of her whispered, "Keep. On. Going."

So she did.

And that is when the MAGIC began to re-appear in the girls life.

Once she stepped into the Unknown - into uncharted waters....she began to attract the most beautiful, unconditionally loving souls into her life. It didn't happen overnight - but she held strong to her Faith, and stood in her Authenticity, despite the potential cost. She put herself out there. She took INSPIRED ACTION. She stopped going to bars and started going to Conscious Gatherings, to Meditation Classes, and Holistic Expos. She stopped reading Us Weekly and started reading books on Natural Healing, Chakras, and Enlightenment. Some people re-appeared in her life after time apart - they had also gone through their own experiences of awakening., Some were entirely new. Some stayed by her side the entire time. But for every person lost, a new one was gained. And these connections were rooted in true, UNCONDITIONAL Love. The girl was free to be herself - and she knew they loved her for it. Her Light was shining BRIGHT. When she fully stepped into her Authenticity, she attracted to her others who had also fully stepped into THEIR Authenticity. Their Light is what attracted them to one another.

If you have been waiting for your permission slip to fully step into your beautiful, unique, Authentic Self, here it is :) I promise you - there is no risk greater than going through life pretending to be someone you are NOT. To speak your Truth is the ultimate act of Self -Love, the complete opposite of the consequence of abandoning your self and your voice. You MATTER. Your people will stand by your side, and anyone who falls away was never yours to begin with. Shine on, my beautiful friends, SHINE ON.

I love you. XO Rachel

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