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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

When we want to re-create ourselves into our highest + greatest version ( LEVEL UP! 💪🏼), starting a morning routine is one of the easiest steps.

The morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. For many of us, as soon as we awaken, all of the thoughts and programs from the day before begin to seep in. It doesn’t take long until negative, counter productive thoughts trickle in, which will ultimately become self fulfilling prophecies throughout your day. 'I still have to turn in that assignment today. Why didn't so and so ever respond to my text? I forgot to stop at the bank to pick up laundry quarters..".STOP RIGHT THERE! This is the never ending hamster wheel of thoughts that keeps us STUCK in our OLD identity. When you keep thinking the same thoughts, you will continue having the same experiences. In order to truly shift, it all starts with YOU. When you change, the world around you will change.

Intention is everything when it comes to beginning a new morning routine. We must be mindful that we are going to begin making changes in how we begin our days. It may be uncomfortable at first… This is because it is a new experience - fear of the unknown is what keeps us STUCK. Our minds crave what’s familiar to us, whether it’s good for us or not. If you can get past the hump of the initial temporary discomfort, you will find that as time goes on, your morning routine starts to become your new norm, and that if you miss a day, you feel 'off.' With time, it will naturally become a part of the new identity you are wiring in.

Law of attraction works on the premise of like attracts like. As you consciously work to raise your vibration every morning, you will start to notice your external world shift. You will begin drawing positive people + experiences to you, which are energetic matches to the new uplifting frequency you are emitting. Everything starts with YOU. When YOU change, your world will change.✨

Here are a few tips to beginning a high vibe morning routine.

  • When you first awaken, visualize the amazing day ahead of you. Think about the new connections you will make, the abundance that will flow to you, the love you will feel from others, the opportunities that will find you...

  • Do a quick gratitude exercise while you are making coffee. Either out loud or in your head, name 5 things you are grateful for in that moment. It can be as small as "I am grateful for this yummy cup of hot coffee I am about to drink,' to as big as "I am grateful to have a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in.'

  • Avoid looking at any devices within the first hour of awakening. Be intentional in your actions- avoid mindless scrolling or jumping right into emails/texting...give yourself time to come into alignment before engaging with the external world.

  • Meditate for 10-20 minutes. Light some incense, take some deep breaths, and clear your mind for the day ahead. This small step will help to create space in your mind for later in the day, helping you to respond vs react in potentially 'difficult situations.

  • Bless your coffee/or tea with positivity. Hold your hand over your morning drink and imagine white light pouring into the cup. Feel the love seeping into your body with each sip.

  • Drink lemon water or green juice to support detoxifying your body. Morning is a perfect time to consume these drinks, as your body has just fasted throughout the night.

  • Bust a move! Go for a run, make a stop at the gym before heading to work, do a 30 minute yoga routine. Let your body know that its time to wake up. Help bring oxygen to your cells and get that blood circulating.

  • Put a few drops of peppermint oil in your morning shower - it helps awaken the senses and increases focus and alertness - a naturally stimulating oil.

  • Put on your favorite jams while you get dressed - dance around the house! sing along to song lyrics!

  • Imagine the best version of yourself. How does that version of you show up in the world? How does that version interact with people? How does that version of you carry themselves?

Now get out there and SHOW UP AS THAT PERSON! Go get em, tiger!

Love you, XO Rachel

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