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Updated: Aug 16, 2022

When we want to re-build ourselves into a higher + greater version ( 2.0 LEVEL UP!), starting a Morning Routine is one of the easiest opportunities to take action.

The morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. For many of us, as soon as we awaken, all of the thoughts, programs , and beliefs from the day before begin to seep in. It doesn’t take long until never ending to-do lists, limited thinking, and counter productive beliefs trickle in, which will ultimately become self fulfilling prophecies throughout your day. This is why Awareness is absolutely KEY.

Having a morning routine starts with intention. We have to be mindful that we are going to begin making a change in how we start our day. This might be uncomfortable at first… the reason being it is a new experience. Our minds crave what is familiar to us, whether it’s good for us or not. If you can get past the hump of the initial temporary discomfort, you will find that as time goes on, your morning routine starts to become your new norm, and on days you DON"T do it, you feel 'off.' Have patience with yourself. YOU CAN DO IT!

Law of attraction works on the premise of like attracts like. As you consciously work to raise your vibration every morning, you will start to notice your external world shift. You will begin drawing positive people + experiences to you, which are energetic matches to the new uplifting frequency you are emitting. Everything starts with YOU. When YOU change, your world will change.

Here are a few of my favorite tools and exercises to build positive morning momentum .

Remember- Intention is EVERYTHING. Have fun with it! <3

  • When you first awaken, DO NOT GRAB YOUR PHONE!!! This 'urge' is the auto-pilot monkey mind, acting with complete unconsciousness. If you are old enough to remember what life was like before electronic devices, ask yourself, "what did I do each morning back in 2002, before I-Phones existed? :) The minute you begin looking at emails, or scrolling through social media, you already missed the boat, and your day will likely be just like yesterday, and the day before. Instead, take even five minutes to just lay in bed, and VISUALIZE the new version of you showing up in the day ahead. Paint the picture in your mind of how incredible the day ahead is going to be for you. If any anxiety seeps in about the day, reassure yourself that everything is going to go so well for you. Declare it out loud, if it helps. TODAY IS GOING TO BE SUCH A GREAT DAY.

  • When you begin to brew your morning coffee/tea/ beverage of choice, sprinkle some positive intentions into the pot. If you are attuned to Reiki, you can send 10 seconds of loving Reiki energy into your drink. Visualize Health, Vitality, Radiance, Energy, Strength, and Love, and watch yourself pouring all of those blessings into your drink. Then, with each sip, feel those high vibrations moving through your body.

  • Meditate. Even if its for five minutes. When I first began my morning practice, five minutes of meditation felt like an hour. As time went on, and I started to notice the incredible effects that were occuring, that time flew by in an instant! It is very important to remember - Meditation is NOT about stopping your thoughts. Many people become frustrated when they are unable to stop their mind from thinking, and they give up on their practice. The goal in meditation is to become AWARE of your thoughts as they enter your mind, and to watch them drift away as new thoughts come in. This practice is training you that YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS. With time, it helps a great deal when stressful situations arise throughout your day, as you are creating space inside the mind to be able to 'witness' your thoughts throughout your day. This will slow down your 'knee jerk reactions' and result in a much higher degree of self-awareness.

  • Have a Gratitude practice. Again - this one can be done in literally two minutes. You can do it while still laying in bed upon awakening, while you are getting ready in the bathroom, even when you are driving to work. Affirm your Gratitude outloud. There is always a blessing in your life, often times, there are MANY. When we find ourselves in a negative loop, we have shifted our attention to LACK. We are focusing on what we DO NOT have. Gratitude helps shift your focus back to all of the gifts and blessings you already DO Have. And remember, what you focus on GROWS. If this is extremely difficult for you at the moment, here are a few ideas. "Thank you for my warm cozy bed. Thank you for my hot cup of coffee this morning. Thank you for my eyes that help me see. Thank you for my legs that help me walk. Thank you for my dog/cat/child/niece/nephew. Thank you for another day of life.' There are literally people who do not have these things. There is so much to be grateful for. It shouldn't have to take those things being taken from us for us to realize how blessed we were to have them. Never take anything for granted.All it takes is a shift in perspective to see how much Love and Abundance you already have in your life.

  • Move your body! Energy becomes stagnant in our physical bodies, especially after a whole night curled up in bed. Any type of Movement will work..depending on the amount of time you have each morning, be realistic about goal setting. Do what calls to you. Maybe its ten minutes of stretching, or perhaps its a thirty minute jog through the neighborhood....for some uf us, its an hour full on strength training session at the gym. You do YOU. What matters is that your are incorporating some type of physical movement into your morning. Get the oxygen flowing through your blood and your endorphins pumping - you will feel an instant shift in energy after any sort of physical movement.

  • Buts out the jams! Put on uplifting, high vibe music while you are making breakfast, getting dressed, or driving to work. Music carries vibration - Reggae, Jazz and other genres are super high vibe - you can feel it when you are listening :) Reggae specifically often has lyrics that are very positive and uplifting. I always love oldies...especially the 60s girl bands like the Supremes, the Ronettes....and 60s surf music, too! Whatever works for you - make yourself a good playlist that will help boost your mood and get you feeling your best each morning :)

  • There are so many different healing tools and accessories available if you feel called to incorporate them into your practice - maybe you keep a stash of incense and sage in your home to clear your energy, you can use specific crystals to focus your attention on positivity and blessings, and you can also diffuse mood-boosting essential oils while getting ready. These can be fun to get in to, but in my opinion - not neccasary if you are not currently unable to afford them. None of the the other tools cost a penny :)

With dedication and consistency, if you apply these practices to your morning, you will begin to see positive results. I promise. You got this!!!! XO Rachel

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