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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Connection and Belonging. Humans are social creatures by nature, and these are two of the deepest core survival needs held by each and every one of us. We have an innate burning desire to feel accepted. To feel a sense of belonging. To feel seen, heard, and unconditionally loved just as we are, ‘flaws’ and all.

The truth is, most of us have never experienced 'unconditional love.' Our minds cannot even begin to comprehend and process what that experience would even be like....

What many people fail to recognize is that others are only able to meet you as deeply as you have met yourself. Others can only give you what you have first given to yourself. We are conditioned to spend our lives chasing other peoples approval...our parents, our friends, our partners, our bosses...we are taught that in order to receive LOVE..there are certain CONDITIONS we must abide by.

Here is the TRUTH.

Nothing ‘out there’ can exist until it has been cultivated within. As above, so below. Everything starts with YOU. If you are unable to fill yourself with LOVE, VALIDATION, SUPPORT, COMPASSION, will never be able to cultivate it 'out there.'

Once you begin to fill your own cup with everything you have been seeking outside of yourself, law of attraction will begin to magnetize people to you who mirror the way you feel about YOURSELF. As you change your relationship with yourself, you will notice the types of people you are attracting begin to change to reflect the changes WITHIN.

The paradox in attracting deep, authentic relationships into our lives is this-

When you finally fully step into your wholeness-....when you realize that nothing 'out there' will ever 'complete you.'....when you realize that all you have been seeking 'out there' has always been INSIDE of YOU...THAT is when you radiate the most magnetic, beautiful energy that will attract EVERYTHING you ever wanted. Needing NOTHING attracts EVERYTHING.

Upon awakening, a part of your soul's evolution is likely to be a deep longing to be reconnected with your 'soul family...' this includes authentic bonds with friends and romantic partners alike. Superficial relationships will no longer resonate, and many people may fall out of your life. Fear connections that are based in truth and authenticity are on the horizon.

Here are a few tips to help guide you in finding your Soul Tribe.

  • SET THE INTENTION to find your Soul Mate/and or your Soul Tribe. This simple act plants the seed in your subconscious mind to begin pulling in people, places and experiences that match your desires.

  • AUTHENTICITY IS KEY!!!! You must undo all of your conditioning to get to the root of who you truly are and what YOUR goals and dreams are. ( hint - they are NOT what society, your parents, your spouse etc tells you they are.) Devote time to doing some soul searching ( I recommend reading my blog post on practicing Self Love to support you).

  • Familiarize yourself with the Law of Attraction - Once you can fully grasp this universal law, you are able to step into a space of personal responsibility for the life you are creating. The energy you are radiating is what is going to draw energetic matches to you - make sure you are aligned with your truest , highest version of your self. Remember- Your VIBE attracts your TRIBE.

  • Seek out environments that support who 'you are' and the type of people you wish to attract. As an example- if you are working on yourself, and your self care and personal growth is a will likely want to attract other people who are on your vibrational level, right? Spending time at a Gym, a Yoga studio, a group workshop ( at Moonshadow Healing, of course!) :) , a Spiritual expo/ Conscious Gathering or a Health store will match you to people with similar goals and aspirations. You will already have something in common with them before you even get a chance to speak! If you have recently become sober and are working on cleaning up your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, a bar or nightclub might not be the best place to find 'like-minded' people. Be very deliberate in your choices - only give your energy to experiences that SUPPORT your growth.

  • Dont be afraid to put yourself out there! I know its scary to be 'seen...' When I first started posting videos on my social media, I would literally get sick to my stomach. But everything you truly desire is on the other side of FEAR. You will never find anyone if you spend your life hiding inside of your home. Get out there and exude the energy you wish to attract - smile at people, radiate kindness, be approachable, say hello/good morning to strangers, stand tall and shine that bright light of yours! Then..Open your heart to RECEIVE all of the love that will be reflected back to you. Remember- anything worth having usually begins with being 'scared.' Dont let fear keep you from living the life you came here to live.

  • And last but not least..BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!! Know with every cell in your body that you are absolutely awesome and that anyone would be blessed to have you in their lives. This part is often the most difficult, yet it is the most important. Whatever you believe about yourself will be reflected back to you in relationships. Take as much time as you need 'doing the work on yourself' until you feel ready to get back out there and SHINE. You are so WORTHY of love. You are so WORTHY of abundance. Say it over and over until you believe it :) Once you BELIEVE IT, you will begin to SEE IT <3

You hold all the power. You are not a victim of circumstance. Do the inner work. Practice self LOVE. Then watch - over time, 'your people' will begin to enter your reality, one by one. ( I PROMISE!!!!) :)

Love you, XO Rachel

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