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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

The Principle of Correspondence is one of the 7 Hermetic Principles, and simply put, it states, "As above, so Below." In simpler terms - the way you show up in the world through your thoughts, beliefs, and actions will directly correlate to the external reality that YOU ( yes, YOU!) are creating. The moment you become conscious that your life experiences are a reflection of the energy you are exuding is the moment you become a DELIBERATE CREATOR of your reality. What you put out is what you will attract back.

In the beginning of my Awakening journey, I stumbled on 'How to

Win Friends and Influence People, ' by the great Dale Carnegie. Looking back, this book was an absolute game changer for the course of my life. While I was reading, I couldn't help but reflect on people from my past who had this special 'charisma' about them - some of them, unforgettable strangers I met for only a brief encounter who had left a lasting impression on me for years to follow. I'll bet that if you close your eyes and imagine the same, you will have a beautiful soul come to mind. At the time, I was unawakened, so I didn't realize the reason I had felt 'mesmerized' while in their presence was a direct result of their MAGNETIC ENERGY. Many dots began to connect -I realized that these amazing people all shared similar traits and displayed common behaviors, which were all detailed in this book. I also realized that these were practices that you didn't necassarily have to be 'born with,'....they could all be LEARNED.

Armed with the new knowledge I had been working to fully digest, I went on a quest to put the principles into action ..... and the only term I can use to describe my results is LIFE CHANGING.. Over the next few months, I turned every experience into a private game that only I knew about - every encounter became a playground for putting my new Magnetic Energy to the test. Going to the grocery store, running errands, meeting with clients at work...once I began to intentionally show up in a magnetic way, it didn't take long for the world to respond to my new frequency.

Guess what? If I can do it, so can you! :) Remember - intention is everything. Here are a few steps to start exuding beautiful, radiant, shiny magnetic energy. Caution - your life is about to become MAGICAL!

-Fake it til you make it. Depending on where your current confidence level is, it may seem daunting to suddenly see yourself as 'charismatic.' Here is the deal - the world outside sees you as YOU see you. Remember, your internal thoughts are being projected out - if it seems too far fetched, then pretend you are somebody else. Take a few minutes each morning while you are getting ready for the day. Look yourself in the mirror, and repeat affirmations such as "I am magnetic. People like me. I make people feel good. I leave a lasting impression. I radiate positive energy." I know it seems cheesy lol! But bottom line - affirmations work to rewire your subconscious mind - you are literally re-writing the script that is playing through your mind. Repetition is key! Before you know it, these beliefs will become second nature.

- Needing nothing attracts Everything. The instant that I began filling my own cup was the instant opportunities came knocking at my door. Remember - we are ALL engaging with energy all of the time - the only difference is that some people are AWARE of this, while others are not. You can FEEL when somebody is needy. And guess what happens? We are REPELLED by them!Can you think of someone who has needy energy? Who has a laundry list of responsibilities that they put on everyone else to ensure THEIR happiness? Neediness repels everything - friends, romantic interests, career aware that you are not sending out desperate energy. I have a Blog article on beginning your Self- Love journey that will help you to learn to fill your own cup.

-Live a Purpose Driven Life. People can FEEL when they are in the presence of someone who is living their highest joy. It radiates off of them, and inspires those around them. Focus your energy less on what others think of you, and more on your own Dharma - what is it you are here to do? what is your Soul Mission? Even if you havent quite figured it out yet, just being on the Journey of Discovering will exude a frequency that is absolutely magnetic!

-BE CONFIDENT/BE AUTHENTIC. We like people who like themselves. This is NOT to be confused with arrogance- which will actually REPEL people from us. Genuine confidence goes hand in hand with AUTHENTICITY. When you are confident enough in who you are to show up in the world as your authentic self.... you better watch out LOL! You will find that you start to attract other authentic people and opportunities to are aligned to your highest self, because they are mirroring your own authenticity back to you. Pro tip - the more authentic you are, the higher you will vibrate --- a natural side effect of your new vibration will be having lower vibrational things begin to fall out of your life. Just. Keep. Shining.

-Address people by their name. This one is so simple yet extremely impactful. The sweetest sound in the world is hearing our own name. We feel instantly closer to someone who addresses us by our name in conversation - try applying this practices in more challenging situations, such as thanking the server at a resturant ( or even writing it down when you sign your bill!), or greeting your mail person. Ask people what their names are!!! This all works on a subconscious level, but it will instantly make you more likeable that you took the time to remember their name :)

-Mirror Effect. AKA 'Like attracts Like.' Look for similarities and mirror them BACK to the person you are engaging with. We like people who are "like us." This is all subconscious - look for the ways you have things in common with those you are interacting with and then MIRROR those things back to them. On an extremely superficial level, this reminds me of being in High School. When you were a freshman and you looked for ''your people, ' its very likely you landed in a group that dressed in a similar style as you...maybe listened to the same type of music, and hung out at the same places. Familiarity feels GOOD to us. Be intentional when you are conversing with someone new. Instead of focusing on all the ways you are different, choose to do the opposite and seek out all the ways you are alike. In general, this is a much more fulfilling and meaningful way to go through life.

-Be generous with compliments. The bottom line is - we LIKE people who LIKE us!!! Its really that simple. Turn the attention off of yourself, and start celebrating those around you. Again, its even more fun to test these practices on a stranger or someone you hardly know! I made the vow that if I had a positive thought run through my mind, I was going to always share it with the person who inspired it. If I was at a coffeeshop, and loved a sweater a woman was wearing, I walked over to her on my way out to let her know how much I loved it. If I noticed a man at my gym had been working out for months and was getting into shape, I let him know that I noticed how his hard work was really paying off. This is a double win, because not only will you brighten someone elses day - you also raise your own vibration by being of service to others.

SHINE ON!!!! XO Rachel

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