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Updated: Apr 3, 2022

I know, I know....the topic of 'Manifesting" is sooooooo trendy!! You cannot scroll through social media without seeing a guru or influencer promising that if you 'follow their easy process at the low price of XXX per month, you will be living your dream life in no time!' I have a secret for you...

You are manifesting every second of every day. You are already doing it and have been your entire life. The only difference is that NOW, you can choose to become a CONSCIOUS, DELIBERATE creator, rather than the one who has likely been on autopilot, having zero awareness that you have been creating your reality this entire time.

Its a lot to unpack. I know lol :) Why? Because this requires us to take responsibility for some of the 'not so great' people and experiences that we might have actually attracted into our lives at various points. Once you truly understand the Law of Attraction, you can backpedal through time and see how you got yourself into various situations. You attract what you ARE.

Want to know an easy hack for knowing the type of energy you are sending out to the world at any given moment? Take a look around you. Your reality is your MIRROR. What types of relationships have you attracted into your life at this very moment? Pay specific attention to the 'new' people you have called into your reality. These are going to be the most accurate gauge of your own current vibration. This is also a 'fun' way of watching your own evolution throughout the years, by reflecting on how your 'crowd' has changed over time.

I will give you an example.

Looking back in retrospect, my twenties were a very tumultuous time where I did not know who I truly was. I spent my nights in bars all around the concerts and festivals...chain smoking, eating Taco Bell at 2am, drinking waaaay too much booze and not even remembering how I got home half the time. Any friends or romantic relationships I attracted into my life during that time were extremely superficial and based around alcohol, music, and dressing cool. Seriously! LOL! The deepest criteria for wether or not I would date a guy would be the questions, "What bands is he into?" As you can imagine, there was not much depth or meaning to anything in my life. But even then, Law of Attraction was hard at work. I, myself, was shallow, disingenuine, and guess what types of people I attracted into my reality? You guessed it! And my living spaces, jobs, experiences, etc all reflected this same type of energy.

Of course, back then, I was clueless that I was creating my reality through the Law of Attraction.

So how do we go from being an unconscious creator to a CONSCIOUS creator?

TWO STEPS. Thats it.

  1. Set the intention.

  2. Become what you want to attract. ( *this may involve some work around worthiness/self love)

Thats it. No, you do not need to do 100 affirmations a day, or endless scripting and visualization exercises...none of that is necessary. But you DO need to know what it is that you want. Otherwise, your sail has no clue what direction to go towards! Set your intention. I always write mine down in my journal, usually around the time of a New Moon, in which the manifestation energy is very powerful. Some of my past examples.....

-Find my soul tribe ( done!)

-Heal from chronic pain (done!)

-Become a small business owner ( done!)

-Get a Vespa ( done!)

-Move out of the city into a place with a deck and a pool (done!)

After you have set your intention...there is just one more step. And that is to BECOME THE TYPE OF ENERGY YOU WISH TO ATTRACT .This will be the energetic setpoint from which you will take INSPIRED ACTION when the timing is right. I find that Love and Abundance are two of the most common things that people dream of having. I noted that some work around Self- Love may be necessary - this is because if you have unhealed issues around worthiness, you will NOT be capable of receiving what it is that you truly desire. If you have a subconscious belief that you are not deserving of love and abundance, then your energy will BLOCK these things from coming into your reality. ( I suggest reading my Blog Post on Self - Love).


Once you truly love yourself, you will radiate that love and kindness to the world around you, you will draw back to you people and experiences that are kind and loving. Once you truly believe that you are deserving of financial success and abundance, you will draw back to you people and experiences that reflect that abundance. Love and abundance will find you in the most unexpected ways -- you just have to feel worthy enough to receive it <3

Love you, XO Rachel