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SIGNS FROM SPIRIT - Tuning into the Subtle Energy Realms

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

This month would have been my fathers 60th year of life on the physical plane, and to celebrate, I am taking my mom to see one of my favorite people on Earth, Delphina - the beautiful soul who, together with her gorgeous wife Marie, initiated me into the beautiful world of Reiki and introduced me to the Subtle Energy realms. Delphina is an extremely gifted medium - she was born with the incredible ability to clearly + vividly communicate with those souls who have exited the physical plane by crossing over.

I will never forget the day that I learned beyond a shadow of a doubt that although his physical body was gone... my father was still here with me.

I was at Marie + Delphina's studio in the city, taking a workshop on developing my psychic abilities. It was a frigid February evening, and I was new to the world of Energy. I had just received my Reiki Level 1 + 2 Attunements the year prior, and was still stepping into my power and building confidence in my own gifts. My father had passed over two years earlier in 2016, and I was knee deep in the grieving process, still coming to terms with his death and desperate to understand where he was...( my soul had a deep KNOWING that he was NOT in the urn sitting next to my mothers bed.).

Up until that point in my journey, I DID have signs that my father was already communicating with me - although there was no way to know for 100% certain, beyond my own faith in the unseen. In retrospect, my consciousness was already beginning to shift, although at the time, I was unaware what was happening. One of the biggest changes to occur seemingly overnight was the emergence of 'synchronicities' (meaningful coincidences) in my field of awareness. The one that initially grabbed my attention was continually seeing the number sequence 1111 while simultaneously hearing the song Dream On by Aersomith. My father had been a drummer who grew up in the 70s, and when I was a little girl, his classic rock cassettes were my favorites - his Aerosmith Greatest Hits tape was always playing in my walkman. Growing up, our home had an unfinished basement with a concrete floor that I turned into my own personal skating rink - I remember being in 6th grade and playing this tape for hours on his boombox while skating around the basement. He had his little 'tool shop' down there, and many times, we would be downstairs together..each enamored by our own individual hobby, but always able to agree on the music that was being played:)

Just days after he died....I began noticing something very strange - when I turned on the radio, the song Dream On would just be beginning...that haunting melody in the intro ...then, within seconds, I would notice the clock ...or the odometer...or the license plate in front of me...or a billboard on the highway....would show 1111. It happened so many times that I truly began to question whether I was starting to go crazy. Dream On is a popular classic song, but the amount of times I was hearing it was CRAZY!!!! It would play on multiple radio stations throughout the day, be on TV commercials, be playing when I walked into stores or time, I even heard someone have a ringtone of it! It was enough to grab my attention. I also began paying close attention to the lyrics of the song, which suddenly seemed incredibly meaningful and relevant to my fathers life (Maybe Tomorrow, the Good Lord Will Take You Away..) Although I wasn't 100% certain just yet, I had a feeling deep down in my soul that my instinct was right - that this was my father trying to get me to 'see' him from the other side. It was working.

That fateful winter night at Delphina and Marie's studio would be the night I learned with 100% certainty that my father was, indeed, communicating with me.

Ok - back to the Workshop :) I was having a difficult time doing an exercise where we were induced into a deep meditative state in order to meet our Angels + Guides. I have always been a person with a strong Faith in something greater than myself that is guiding and protecting me, but I was having a major block doing this exercise. Anytime I would get far enough in to catch a glimpse of my fathers warm, protective essence emerging, I would quickly force myself back to conscious awareness and shut him out. In retrospect, I think it scared me to feel his energy so strongly - it was on such a deep, profound, undeniable defied ANYTHING I had been taught about my reality and even my existence in general. For a moment, I was overcome with cognitive dissonance, and my instinct was to shut down like I always did and block out what I had just experienced. I just wanted the class to end so I could go home.

As the class wrapped up, Delphina went around the room and asked each student to share who had come through during their meditation. I listened to beautiful stories of my peers meeting their ancestors, their guides, benevolent beings, loved ones who had passed on.....When it came my turn, I wanted to get the attention off of myself as quickly as possible, so I quickly mumbled - " I didn't see anything. I think I was too distracted." Delphina continued to stare at me, as if waiting for me to say something else. Then, she pulled out a notepad and began scribbling. The next thing that came out of her mouth were the words of validation I needed to hear in order to fully be at peace with my fathers transition.

"Rachel - I want you to know...Your dad has been with you since you walked through the door. Did you know that? He is next to you right now" . My heart literally felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. Did she just say what I think she said? Delphina was not even aware that my father had passed away. "Whats the thing with you, and him, and the numbers?" She asked. I literally felt paralyzed, glued to my seat. The next thing I know, she holds up the notepad she had been scribbling on, and all I see is the number 11:11. "He told me to show you this - he said you would know...."

When I got in my car after the workshop finished - it was quite late...almost 10pm. I remember it was snowing, and I needed to warm up my engine before I could head home. I cleaned off my windshield, turned on the ignition and the heater, then turned on the radio dial.

Low and behold...right on cue - Dream On was the first song to play. :)

As the years have passed, and I have sharpened my own ability to detect and interpret the subtle Energy Realms, I now have a relationship with my father that I nurture daily, just as I would someone who is still here in the physical. I speak to him everyday - and I have learned the language of 'spirit,' so I am able to tap into my five senses to pick up the subtle messages my dad sends me all the time. In my own journey, and through my own personal experiences with Energy work, it is my belief that those who have crossed over are osciallting at a much higher frequency than those of us still living on the dense physical plane. In order to 'meet them halfway..' we must RAISE our vibration to a high enough level, while they temporarily LOWER their vibration to be able to connect with us. Those who have the eyes to SEE will intuitivley know when they are receiving messages from their loved ones-

Here are a few of the different languages Spirit uses to speak to us.

(One suggestion - if you want to have contact - LET THEM KNOW YOU WANT TO SEE THEM! Ask them for a sign - you can even ask for something specific. Not everyone here on the physical plane is ready to make contact, and your loved ones are aware of this, which is why they will only appear to those who wish to connect with them. )

  • Animal visitors - reoccurring visits from Robins, Doves, Cardinals, even squirrels. You will feel a pull towards the animal that is out of the ordinary, and you will see it often enough to grab your attention.

  • Repeating numbers (1111, 444, 222 are common, but it can be any combination.) Significant dates (birthdays, anniverseries) are very common. You will find them in phone numbers, on receipts, back balances, license plates..etc.)

  • Feathers

  • Coins/Dollar bills

  • Hearing a favorite band/Song lyrics that grab your attention and feel like they hit something very deep in your soul.

  • Butterflies (especially if they seem to loom near you - they may even land on you!)

  • Divine messages from a loved one or even a stranger ( you will just KNOW its your loved one speaking to you through them)

  • Moving objects (keys are a favorite!)

  • Synchronicity (meaningful coincidences)

  • Sudden chills/hot flash

  • Familiar smells (roses, cigars, their favorite perfume)

  • Orbs in photographs

  • Flickering lights

  • Electronics acting weird! (remember - they are vibrating at a much higher electromagnetic level than we are)

  • Visitation dreams

  • Plus, any other way that is personal and unique to your relationship with them.

My relationship with my father has completely transformed my perception of death -and is ultimately what allowed me to turn my pain into my purpose - my greatest blessing.

An open mind can set you free. Why would anyone not want to believe that anything is possible?

Sending you many blessings and love from the bottom of my heart.

Love you, XO Rachel