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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

I remember the very first time I heard the term, "Lightworker."

At that moment, something very deep inside of me became 'activated.' The word resonated on a such a deep soul level - it was entirely new to me, yet so familiar and meaningful at the same time. It was as if I had known it my entire life, and likely many lifetimes before. The term was so much more than a word- it was the core of my 'existence' - my reason for incarnating on this planet. The 'thing' I had been seeking my entire life.

Once I realized I AM a Lightworker, my entire reality shifted. I was able to connect so many dots in my life. I was able to see how deep down, I had always known who I was - and how it would manifest in different ways at different points in my life. The hats I wore changed throughout the years... I went from a rebellious 90s teenager, to a diner waitress, to a vintage clothing shop owner, to a photographer, to a mother, and a healer......all of my many titles shared one commonality - I always was a spreader of LIGHT.

A Lightworker is exactly what you would think - it is a soul that sprinkles "Light' wherever they go. If you take a moment to reflect, certainly someone will come to your minds eye who is a quintessential "Lightworker." You will recognize them by the way they make you FEEL. Lightworkers are able to alchemize darker, more negative energies into light...can you think of someone in your life who always uplifts you? While in their presence, you feel alive? Radiant? Playful? Youthful? Lightworkers are able to bring out the best in others- Remember, we are all mirrors to one another. In a Lightworkers presence, you will feel unconditional love and acceptance, so you are able to put down your walls and SHINE.

A Lightworker can be ANYONE. The old man at the gym. Your daughters Kindergarten teacher. The woman who owns the Bakery down the street. A therapist. A basketball coach. The teenager who works as a cashier at your local grocery store. You grandmother. Lightworkers come in all ages, shapes and sizes...they all share one trait. They are a spreader of LIGHT.

I am so blessed to personally know many, many Lightworkers! From family members, to friends, to clients....Many are 'unawakened' Lightworkers, meaning they havent yet 'remembered' who they ARE. I wrote this post with the sole intention of planting some seeds :)

Once you remember who you are, clarity on all other levels of your life will begin to sharpen. You can reflect on the ways you have been spreading Light your entire life, and meditate on new ways to shower the world with your beautiful, glorious Light. There is a reason you are here on Earth at this very moment! The world is going through a massive shift, and Lightworkers all over are remembering their soul contract to help assist in raising the frequency of the planet.

ARE YOU A LIGHTWORKER? Here are a few tell tale signs.

  • You have a deep inner calling to fulfill your Life Purpose. Meaningless jobs leave an emptiness inside of you- you know you have divine mission to fulfill here in this lifetime and are on a journey to discover your destiny.

  • You feel called to be of service to OTHERS. You may have experienced an inward shift away from being of service to SELF to now being driven by a deep desire to make other beings (adults, children, animals...) lives BETTER.

  • You have a profoundly deep appreciation of beauty. You feel drawn to art, music, may love making things 'pretty.' You are highly in tune with your 5 senses and love indulging in them.

  • You have little interest in material possessions...wealth, status, fame, designer clothes, fancy cars...these 'things' are NOT your primary motivation. You know there is so much more to life.

  • You experience a deep sense of 'feeling like you don't belong here.' The physical plane is heavy with dense material energies - you may have felt like a loner/outcast your entire life. Something about the way you experience reality just feels 'different' from the way much of society operates.

  • You feel recharged by nature. You love being by bodies of water, going on hikes in the forest, soaking in the beauty of blossoming tree on a beautiful spring feel an energetic 'high' from immersing yourself in Mother Gaia.

  • You feel energized by uplifting OTHERS. You are a do-gooder- you seek opportunities to be a light in someone elses day.

  • You see repeating numbers (11:11, 444, 111...) This is because your soul is in alignment and you are walking your path - the signs are winks from the universe letting you know to KEEP GOING THE WAY YOU'RE GOING!

  • You have a painful past. The 'wounded healer' is one of the most beautiful archetypes- you are working on alchemizing your suffering into your greatest gift.

  • You are a natural born healer. Animals and children are magnetized to you - your aura has a naturally healing essence which other beings can FEEL off of you and have been able to do so your entire life! You may only just have realized it - what a GIFT!!! :)

  • You trust in a Higher Power- you believe in Divine timing and have faith that 'someone' is always protecting you. You may feel a strong connection to you Spirit Guides and ask them for guidance and support

  • You are a TRUTH SEEKER. You can see through the veil of the 3D Matrix- You cannot be easily manipulated by all of the programming you are subjected to throughout your life. You question everything - you are a free thinker and trust your own inner intuition over anything else.

  • YOU KNOW YOU ARE HERE FOR AN IMPORTANT REASON. You know deep in your soul that your life is not solely working 9-5, living for retirement and the weekends. You know that you are destined for greatness, and that you have the ability to make a real difference in this world <3

Love you, XO Rachel

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