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Updated: Aug 16, 2022

We all know what it feels like to be in a rut. Everything feels like it is on standstill - there is no momentum pushing us forward...and worst of all, the longer the rut goes on, the harder it is to dig ourselves out of it. As days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months...any trace of motivation or enthusiasm seems to drift further and further off into the distance. This is the point where many souls are susceptible to being diagnosed by Traditional Psychology/Western Medicine as being 'depressed.' But there is ANOTHER type of depression that often goes un-addressed by conventional doctors .

Spiritual depression can feel like an internal 'emptiness' - a feeling that something is missing...a void exists that we feel an urge to fill. We long to find meaning and purpose in our lives, which, for some, can lead us into a "Dark Night of the Soul."

Where does this emptiness come from?

Many of us are raised in societies that emphasize 'success' as being the key determinant of living a 'fulfilled' life. The university name on your college diploma. The town or neighborhood you live in. Getting married. Having kids. The 'high status' names you can drop from your social circle. The car you drive. The amount of money in your bank account. The number of carats on your engagement ring. The number of followers you have on social media. If we have all of these just right, we have the perfect recipe for happy and fulfilled life.


The Dark Night of the Soul is essentially an awakening from the spell of Disillusionment you have been under your entire life. It is the realization that you have been 'programmed' and 'conditioned' to believe certain things about Life and Reality (by your parents (who were also under the same spell), your teachers, your peers, your bosses...the media, celebrities...TV shows and movies...mainstream music) .... Promises were made that having status, wealth , the perfect body, and material possesions would bring you joy, inner fulfillment, and true happiness in life.

The Dark Night of the Soul is awakening to our own is the realization that we are so much more than our physical body.... and it is the rememberance that we are LOVE at our core. This is 5th Dimensional Unity Consciousness. It is a journey and does not happen overnight. The Dark Night is only the beginning. Trust the process :)

As we awaken...we become conscious of the 3D Matrix we were born into. Lower vibrational energies that have taken over this planet such as Greed, Fear, Lack, Control, and Manipulation become crystal clear to the soul who is awakening. Suddenly - they see it EVERYWHERE. We are literally living in a system designed to make you feel like you are 'never enough' - but dont worry! theres a 'product' out there that can help you! :) There are billboards and ads literally everywhere reminding you to pick up the newest anti-aging serum..invest in the new up the new plastic surgeon who just opened an office in your town and can give you the nose you have always wanted so you can finally be happy! :)

The awakening soul begins to realize they havent actually been living a life that is authentic - they have not been living a life that is their OWN, rather, they have been living according to other peoples + society's standards and expectations.

The Dark Night of the Soul is a neccasary step in your Soul's Evolution, as it is the de-programming phase where you are letting go of everything you are NOT. For many on the path, this is a time of deep introspection....even isolation...many souls tend to go into 'hermit mode.' where their contact with the outside world is very limited. There is a reason for this - your soul inherently knows that the only way to truly know your SELF is to eliminate outside influence. Trust the process :)

During this phase, we begin to lose interest in material pursuits, and a deep sense of knowing begins to emerge that there is a much greater meaning to our life, though at this point, you may not yet be certain what it is. This is only the start of your journey - the planting of the seed. Trust the process. :)

Spoilerr alert - once you get through this phase of will begin to vibrate at a higher frequency that is in Alignment with your Divine Self. This shift will help to raise the consciousness of the entire planet. Trust the Process :)

Here are a few tips that can help you appreciate the 'Deep-Rest" cycle that you may be experiencing at this very moment. If you happen to be in 'hermit-mode',, these tips will support you in this time of introspection and solitude. Embrace this time for what it is - an opportunity to go inward and to plant the seeds that will flourish when its time to re-emerge from hibernation. Nothing lasts forever - not even the Dark Night of The Soul.

1. Immerse yourself in knowledge. This introspective time period is an incredible opportunity to make the library, Youtube, Udemy/Skillshare, podcasts..or any other wealths of knowledge your second home. You may find yourself drawn to books on Spirituality/Metaphysics/Esoteric Wisdom/Wellness/Nutrition.?self-Improvement...remember- you are figuring out who you truly are. Follow your hearts calling. Now, YOU get to choose.

2. Commit to a physical exercise routine. I know it can be easier said than done. It is important during this time to move your physical body - wether that means lifting weights at the gym... doing yoga at home..going out for a walk outdoors... Whatever feels aligned for you, try your best to set the intention to move your body. This will help shift stagnant energy and get things moving.

3.Spend time in nature- I cannot stress this enough! At the beginning of my awakening journey, I went on multiple walks through my neighborhood a day - and spent several days a week at the closest forest preserve for hours at a time. Just me and my music :) In retrospect, I do believe so much deep healing took place during this very special time. Nature connects you to your Divinity - it is Source reflecting itself back to you. Too cold outside? Make a warm herbal tea and carry a thermos with you - bundle up in layers.Once you get moving, you will warm right up :)

3. Become a high vibrational chef in the kitchen. Take this time to really nurture yourself and become in tune with your own body. The cold winter months are a great time to learn some hearty soup recipes....roast some veggies in the oven...make a big pot of oatmeal topped with nut butter and sliced attention to how certain foods make you FEEL. Remember- we are de-programming ourselves during this time. You may naturally find yourself suddenly repelled by things like alcohol, fast food, or processed junk foods--- Become mindful of food and its role in your life. Cooking yourself a healthy meal is an act of self -love.

4. Journal, journal, journal!!!!! Nothing says 'going inward' like a pen and your favorite beautiful journal. A major part of the healing process involves 'becoming the neutral observer' of our experiences. You literally watch yourself and notice (without judgement!) how your react to the people, situations, and triggers in your outer experience. Journaling provides the perfect outlet for collecting 'data' on yourself- by putting a pen to paper and documenting your experiences, it makes it much easier later on to make connections on why you are the way you are. This is a necassary step in becoming the person we WISH to BECOME - we must first understand our subconscious patterns and beliefs. Make your journal your best friend :)

5. Develop a Meditation + Gratitude practice. The dark winter months are the prime season to begin a daily Meditation/Gratitude exercise. This simple practice will begin shifting your momentum into a place of hopefulness and positivity. To begin, simply light a candle and some incense, and sit in silence for just ten minutes. Observe your thoughts as they come and go. It is important to remember that the purpose of meditating is NOT to stop thinking, rather, it is to separate yourself from your thoughts - to witness your thoughts as 'things' that dissipate into thin air. We are NOT our thoughts. Once you are done meditating, take just a couple of minutes to give Gratitude for the Love and Abundance you already have in your life. I like to do this out loud. This simple practice will help begin to shift the way your are 'seeing' your life, moving away from giving your attention to all you are lacking' and instead, focusing on all of the blessings you have already been gifted.

Once you are able to accept where you are, the process begins to unfold with much less resistance. Nothing lasts forever-Embrace this time of stepping out of the old and into the Unknown. Divine order is unfolding exactly as it should for your highest and greatest good. The Universe rewards Authenticity. The Universe rewards bravery. Many blessings are headed your way! TRUST THE PROCESS :) XO