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Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Before we awaken, we are all products of our conditioning.

We shed parts of ourselves, again and again and again, in order to gain the love, approval + acceptance of those around us.

We shed Personality Traits. Personal Beliefs. Our Style. Hobbies + Interests. Behaviors. Anything that we have shed - it has been because at some point in our life, someone outside of ourselves made us feel insecure about that part of ourselves. So we made the subconscious decision to 'hide' it. (This is coined the Shadow by Psychologist Carl Jung - just an fyi in the event you are interested in doing a deep dive on these hidden aspects of yourself, and learning about Shadow-work.)

All it takes is over-hearing one teacher making a comment to your parents that you are 'not as bright as your older sister was,' to form the lifelong belief that you are stupid.

All it takes is one girl saying she doesn't want to slow dance with you at the Middle school dance to form the life long belief that you are unworthy of love.

All it takes is one jock telling you that you have chicken legs to form the lifelong belief that you need to hide your ugly legs.

Our lives are made up of literally HUNDREDS of situations where somebody outside of us made us BELIEVE something about ourselves that warped our Self-Image for many years to follow. We unknowingly gave our power away. Since we were unconscious at the time, we gave negative MEANING to the things we were told about ourselves, and accepted them as TRUTHS.

Awakening involves becoming conscious of this pattern - a knowing that our True Self has been hijacked by external forces, and that we have disconnected from our Authenticity. Don't worry - your body, mind and soul will let you know when its time to remember - you will no longer be able to avoid it :)

A Spiritual Awakening is a complete perception shift in how we experience reality ...there is usually a trigger that activates the process, in which we begin to ponder 'who we are' and 'WHY we are who we are.'

BUT! Before I know who I AM, I must first release everything I AM NOT.

and so, begins the beautiful SHEDDING PROCESS.

And this, my friends, is a process that requires solitude. (You will likely find you have very little tolerance for small talk anymore, so it works out fine lol!)

The Hermit phase of Awakening is a time where we intuitively shift our focus from the external world around us to our own, internal world. For many of us, it is the very first time we are 'meeting' ourselves. This is a magical period of introspection, insights, and integration of new knowledge. It may involve lots of learning - you just cannot get enough new knowledge! ( You may find yourself spending a lot of time researching Occult teachings, taking classes, watching Youtube videos, spending time at book stores and the library...deep diving into Spirituality, Natural Healing, Self Help, etc.)

Essentially - in order to 'remember' who we ARE, we must first eliminate all of the outside noise. For many of us, this is a drastic shift from earlier times while were still under the veil of consciousness and operating in go-go-go mode...distracting ourselves with non stop tasks...making sure our calendars were always full to AVOID going inward. It is an incredibly brave step to take when you had spent your entire life up until this point running AWAY from yourself. The only way OUT is THROUGH.

An important part of this process is that you may start to notice people, places and experiences begin to fall out of your reality. I am witnessing so many of my beautiful clients currently experiencing this exact phenomenon, which is showing up as : Break-ups, Divorce, loss of friendships, leaving jobs, leaving homes, leaving cities + states( even countries!), leaving old habits, leaving old hobbies....

Anything that is no longer in Alignment with you will inevitabley fall out of your reality. This is a by -product of the Hermetic Principle of Vibration - it occurs on a subconscious level, because everything is ENERGY. When we are inauthentic, we attract inauthentic things into our lives. The first step in discovering our True Self is letting go of anything that is not aligned to you vibrationally. These things will naturally fall out of your reality- no force is needed on your end.

It is important to recognize that this stage will very likely be met with some internal RESISTANCE. The Unknown makes us extremely uncomfortable - this is why so many people stay in relationships and situations that they KNOW are not aligned to their highest and greatest good - but they CLING out of FEAR. When we cant see whats coming up around the corner - (or if anything at all even EXISTS around the corner!...) we end up SETTLING. We settle for mediocrity. But deep down, our soul knows that there is so much more to this life than what we are settling for.

The Universe rewards bravery!!!! The time you spend alone in isolation with yourself is the turning point that will shift the course of your entire life - once the Shedding Process is will be re-born as the Authentic, free, Aligned, Truest version of yourself, and before long....your external reality will slowly begin to reflect this new version of yourself back to you in the form of people, places and experiences.

So.....If you feel like your reality is crumbling before your eyes....thats because IT IS!!!! :) TRUST THE PROCESS.What an exciting time to be alive - BLESSINGS ARE HEADED YOU WAY!!!