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Moonshadow Healing, Chicago Reiki, Reiki Classes Chicago

Energy work is an extremely gentle form of hands on healing. It is performed fully clothed on a massage table, with plenty of soft blankets and pillows available to keep you extra cozy.  We encourage you to dress comfortably! Sweats/yoga pants and a tee-shirt would be suitable.  We recommend that you be mindful of your dietary choices the day of your session,  steering away from fried, heavy foods and choosing light, high nutrient dense fruits and vegetables as an alternative. If you are sensitive to caffeine, avoid consuming before your treatment. Energy Healing stimulates the body's' parasympathetic nervous system, which calms and regulates our stress response.

We practice out of our brand new healing studio, which is located in Villa Park, just west of Chicago. Colorful wall tapestries, houseplants, crystals, eclectic original art, and a fantastic book collection create a warm, uplifting vibe. Our  home is your home- your comfort is incredibly important to us, and we have taken great care in creating an environment that is nurturing and supportive to your journey. 

Once you arrive and settle in, we will chat for a few minutes to set an intention for your session. At this point, we encourage clients to create the mindset they would have if they were about to take a nap- clear your mind, don't overthink, be open to receive.

 After you are settled in a comfortable position on the table, you close your eyes and remain still for the next hour. Deep levels of profound relaxation are very common - if you doze off during your session, the energy healing will continue to unfold, with or without your awareness. We may  play soothing music with binaural beats on a low volume to promote deep energetic release.  At certain points during your session, you may hear different forms of sound healing - Tibetan singing bowls, chimes., tuning forks..these tools of harmonic resonance are comforting to your energetic system. Aromatherapy is incorporated into your session, so you may notice the scent of essential oil blends being diffused. We also burn smudge to help clear your aura - together, these vibrational tools help to awaken your senses, and uplift your energetic field.


You will feel hands lightly touching you in a sequence along your body. Typically, a hand position is held for a couple of minutes, but if a blockage is detected, a position may be held for longer. Everyone experiences energy healing in their own personal, unique way. On a physical level, you may experience heat radiating  through your body, at other times you may feel refreshingly cool. Other common experiences are subtle pulsations, feelings of heaviness, or cascading waves of energy throughout the body. Emotionally, you may experience flashbacks of memories that have been stored, coming up to be released. You may feel an emotional release arise - it is not uncommon to laugh or cry during a session. If this occurs, it is highly encouraged you allow whatever comes up to express itself.  You may experience none of these - instead, a general feeling of comfort and well-being. Many people have compared energy healing to "feeling completely safe and unconditionally loved," like being wrapped in a warm cocoon. The most common experience is an almost immediate release of stress and a feeling of deep relaxation.

After your session, we will chat for a few minutes while enjoying a cup of herbal tea. We will share any intuitive messages received during your healing session, as well as  any blockages detected in your energy field. We will briefly touch on some vibrational tools/exercises to support your continued healing. 

We also offer Distance Reiki Healing sessions. When you are ready, you can book your session directly online. Reserve your day and time by clicking here



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